Short Film “Come Mirano Giusti Costoro” – Italian to English Translation

TPO (Teatro Polivalente di Occhiobello) is a bristling academy of drama, whose short films and plays have many times reached the shores of Venice lagoon.

I was responsible for the Italian to English translation of the dialogues, which have then been used as foundation for the subtitles to the Italian audio during the screening at Venice Film Festival.

“Cheered at Venice the short film “Come Mirano Giusto Costoro”, directed by Ferdinando De Laurentis and produced by Occhiobello Town Council. In the last few days at Hotel Excelsior, TPO’s president has introduced various productions by the Occhiobelese drama school, including this short film, which retraces the steps of the battle of Occhiobello in 1815. The short film was made in the event of the bicentenary of this battle […] a local incident, yet fundamental step of a historical event of national importance.”

Excerpt from October 2015 Press Release



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