Begin Again

The darkest time of night had just gone by. The stars were disappearing from the sky, one by one, millions of lights turning off in front of his eyes, above his troubled head, filled with troubled thoughts.
Park at Dawn –

He sat there, legs crossed, in the middle of the park, the damp grass staining his trousers. He was cold. He had been sitting there for hours and he felt his legs numb, his bust quivering in the crispy air. He would catch a cold, he thought, but what would it matter?

The night around him crawled with life, buzz of insects and ruffling amongst the bushes. A cold breath ruffled the top of the trees.

Clutched in his hands, he held his watch. A reminder of passing time, but he wasn’t looking at it. He didn’t know how long he had been sitting there, but what would it matter?

Nothing matters, or does it?

He realized the sky was slowly getting clearer, the night giving way to what came next. He realized it hadn’t been an ending at all, since the sun was rising again, despite the darkness he had seen only a few hours back; despite the dump and cold air that he felt had settled in his bones. Despite the night, a new day was dawning.

Anything was waiting for him.

The air wasn’t dump and cold anymore. He breathed in the fresh air of the morning – that chilly air that smells of everything and nothing, an air of becoming, a smell of new day.

Anything was waiting for him.

No more ruffling amongst the bushes and the insects seemed to be buzzing merrily around the blooming flowers. Birds started singing their good morning to nature. His heart was filled with beauty, as he was still sitting on the grass.

He let the watch fall in the pocket of his jacket. He didn’t look at it. He didn’t need to anymore. He knew exactly what time it was.

Anything was waiting for him.

It was time to stand up and get it.



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