About me

I lived for 23 years in Italy, before giving my life a long-desired twist and leave University (I was studying Biology) to fly to the UK, where I’ve been living ever since.

That's me with a carrot. Carrots were a major element of my play "The Chair".
That’s me with a carrot. Carrots were a major element of my play “The Chair”.

I spent one year as Au-Pair girl, teaching English to a French boy and learning more than I could have imagines. After that, it was a potpourri of restaurants and English tutoring, as I tried to make ends meet in any creative and non-creative way I knew.

Then, two years ago, already settled in Bristol, I quit my career as waitress to dedicate myself to writing and creating.

Since then, I have been working as English Tutor (TEFL Certified and everything), essays editor, website content writer, Italian-English translation, Creative Writing courses and whatever other creative challenge crossed my way. If you want to know more about what I do, you can visit “What I do” page. As easy as that.

I successfully participated in NaNoWriMo for two consecutive years (2014-15), therefore filling my drawer with two awesome drafts of novels yet to edit.

I did publish a small poetry book, with the support of a great artist like Chiara Giribaldi. You can read more about it by clicking this link: “I walked across a bridge…”

Earlier in 2016 I produced my first play, a comedy of the absurd called “The Chair”, which my actors described as “a play about waiting and furniture”. In my defense, it’s a very existential take on furniture. The feedback from audience and critics was excellent. Read more about it here.

As for now, I’m still wading the waters of creativity, writing away my time (and going for picnics, when the weather allows).

You can follow me on Twitter: Lena’s Inkcage – @Sgris89

You can also visit – and like – my Facebook page: Lena’s Inkcage



  1. There is really something special sitting in your favourite café and writing a story or darwing a comic. In Austria, we have Starbucks, too, but I also like those old, traditional coffee houses in Vienna a lot. Including the mandatory grumpy waiter, the smell of old wooden chairs and the calm atmosphere. 🙂

    1. True…it becomes like another home, a familiar place.
      Well, Starbucks is my favorite because of the coffee, but I’m with you for the traditional coffee houses..those are something special! 🙂

  2. I only just found your blog from a long-ago comment on my story on Long Awkward Pause (“Intercultural Misunderstandings in the Dog World”; I’d stopped checking for comments; sorry to have ignored you for so long). Nice blog.

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