So, this happened… Tarot Style

You might remember a post where I anticipated some great things happening in 2017 (if you don’t, it’s here). You might remember me writing about Calvino and Tarots (if you don’t, it’s here).

Then I disappeared for two months. Where have I been? I’ll tell you.

January was an Eden of bliss. Well, kind of. My partner and I lived happily in a small but cosy room in Bristol and no bad weather could take us down (although it wasn’t always sunny, I must be honest). The actual Sun, the one in the sky, however, arrived at the end of January, when we flew to the Islands of eternal spring: Canary Islands.

South Tenerife was simply a dream, save for one teeny tiny detail, but I can’t help myself being afraid of water. Hence, the ocean was a huge and monstrous marvel for me. I loved it so much, if at a distance.

Tenerife wasn’t a random choice, since my partner had planned to reunite with two beloved ex-housemates from her times in South America. Hence the III of Cups, for the getting back together of these three amazing women.



Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay in Tenerife indefinitely. I had to leave and go back to ordinary life in Bristol.

Why the VIII of Cups? Because I didn’t just leave the island and the ocean, but also my partner, who was going to continue her journey to Italy. It wasn’t a goodbye, but we were facing three months separation, so yeah, tough.

The Chariot is a card of travelling, changing, and exploring. During the months of February and March I have moved home twice, adapting to different people and circumstances, learning to find my own way.

In a way, I have been getting ready for what the future is holding for me.


The II of Cups is the meeting of two women, a connection and a celebration.

To me, this is the friendship I have found with Elisa Della Scala (here’s her Twitter Account). The most creative and inspiring connection sparked between us when she asked me to adapt her short story to a theatre stage (‘True Love Waits‘, for Italian readers).

Every day, however, there was one important obstacle I had to face: living on my own.

With my partner in another country, solitude and melancholy became two very present elements in my life. For some people this puts creativity on fire. It wasn’t my case.


Then something happened. For a few of very practical reasons, my partner decided to delay the end of her personal Italian project and postpone our reunion by one month.

I froze. Should I fly to Italy anyway? Should I stay? Should I give it all up? Should I fight for it? Should I patiently wait? Should I go back to my parents?

My questions seemed to have no end.

However, if you allow me to be cheap, love always wins (and True Love Waits, if you allow me to be cheeky as well).

The Lovers doesn’t only stand for the relationship between me and my partner, but also for all those meaningful connection I have had in Bristol in the last few weeks, all those voices that have kept on whispering in my ear that I was doing the right thing and that I had to go on.

This is my thank you to all of those little big voices.

And this is also the end of my story for now.

I will fly to Italy in 20 days and that’s when my new life will start.

Wish me luck!


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