It’s a Brand New Year…

My dear friends, followers, and fellow book-worms,

AnacletoI know it looks as if I have been slacking (no new reviews since 2016, nonetheless), but I haven’t. Truth is, I have been kind of writing.

I say kind of because I wasn’t really.

There’s a new project I am working on, a bit of magic and a bit of drama involved, and I have been so much into the sketching out of the story and characters that I have had very little mind-place to work on reviews.

Not to mention the earthquake my life is going through at the moment (I am moving to another house in two weeks and to another country in two months!).

So yeah, loads of things going on in 2017, a much-needed breath of fresh air after all that’s happened last year, for good and for bad. However, new adventures can hardly keep me away from my lovely Inkcage friends!

I will soon be back with news and writings and stories.

In particular, there’s something related to Tarot cards I am very eager to explore…

I will keep you posted… šŸ˜€



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