‘Lion of Senet’ by Jennifer Fallon

What is the worst sentence you can hear, referred to a book?

We can make a list, but one of the top 5 would probably be: “Let’s throw it away.”

I heard this sentence once and I felt blood freezing in my veins. I couldn’t let it happen. So I adopted the poor thing.

‘The Lion of Senet’ is the first book in ‘The Second Sons Trilogy’, written by Jennifer Fallon.

I had never heard of it and it took three years before I convinced myself that it had happened into my life for a reason. So I started reading.

In a world ruled by the light of two twin suns, Kirsh is the second son of the most powerful man pretty much in the world, while Dirk is the second son of the Duke of Elcast, an island off the cost of Avacast.

Easily enough, they become friends.

Trouble is, Dirk doesn’t seem to be really the son of his father after all, but the result of an affair with the deposed and fugitive king of Ranadon.

This is a world where one of the suns shines during the day, while the other takes care of the reddish night-light. It hasn’t always been light that, though, because years earlier an eclipse had taken away the light on the day sun, bringing unspeakable ruin to the land.

Only Belagren, the High Priestess, had been able to bring the sun back, by convincing the king to sacrifice one of his child to the Goddess.

Was that necessary? Or was that a machination to subdue the entire kingdom to the worship of a Goddess that didn’t even exist?

I have to say, sometimes it looks as if the author is rambling on about stuff I couldn’t possibly care about. Yes, I skipped a few paragraphs here and there.

I very much like the point she makes about religion, though, even though she brings it to the extreme: for her religion is not just something to treat carefully, but entirely a lie which people should beware of. Well, that seems unfair.

Nonetheless, in this world that’s how it works and only one person is in the position to challenge the High Priestess and restore peace in the kingdom. Too bad that this person has gone bonkers with poppydust.

Final verdict: I was left with the wish to read the second chapter straight away, against my better judgement. Is that bad? I don’t think so.


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