The new ‘English in Movement’ is for Beginners

In October, English in Movement is for Beginners.

A new course will start the afternoon of Monday 10th October in Bristol, (UK) and I will be pleased to collaborate to this fantastic project.

Not only beginners, though. The Intermediate course will be active as well from the evening of the very same day, Monday 10th October, always in Bristol (UK).

English in movement 2What is English in Movement?

It’s a new format to improve English and, most of all, self-confidence in using a foreign language.

Through physical theatre, storytelling, and improvisation, the course wants not only give the keys to a better use of the language, but also unlock the doors of creativity and push the inner critic in a corner.

Why is it so effective?

Most of the foreigners arriving in England have already learnt English in school (or have done an English course at their arrival). Yet, the protected school and the unpredictable reality are very different and many people suffer from a sort of shock, as they start thinking something on the lines of: “I just can’t understand this language, it’s all been for nothing, I am just not good enough, this is all wrong, I am all wrong, why can’t I remember anything of what I did at school?”

This is our inner critic talking.

Don’t get me wrong, the inner critic is not a bad guy. It’s just a bit too paranoid at times.

The format of ‘English in Movement’ wants to teach the students how to deal with the inner critic, practicing English in a controlled and safe environment (storytelling and improvisation) and at the same time getting used to a more spontaneous way to face challenges (improvisation and physical theatre).

There are a lot more questions you might want to ask. You can get your answers in the following leaflet, or contacting Chiara directly, by writing to




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