‘Harry Potter and The Cursed Child’ by J. K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany

This year’s most anticipated book. And it’s not a novel.

The 8th Harry Potter adventure comes as a play and I’m only sorry because I didn’t get to see it. Yet.

29069989As a consequence, it’s really hard to have a fair opinion about it. It’s a bit like judging a song by only reading the lyrics. You’re kind of missing half of the magic (no pun intended… well, maybe).

However, if the stage directions (with spells and mist and dementors) have been recreated faithful – and there’s no reason to think they haven’t – this magical trio of writers must have given the audience a one-in-a-lifetime experience.

Adding up to the stage performance, until last week, there was the surprise effect. Last June, when the play went on stage in preview, Joe Rowling asked her fans on Twitter to #KeepTheSecret: no spoilers until the release of the book and the actual World Premiere.

So, all that people knew about the story was that it involved Harry Potter, his wife Ginny, his son Albus, Ron and Hermione (‘scandalously’ and marvelously interpreted by Noma Dumezweni) and their daughter Rose, Draco Malfoy and his son Scorpius.

Then Albus goes to Hogwarts, is sorted into Slytherin and becomes friend with Scorpius, Malfoy’s son. Oh yes.

Then the first Quidditch lesson happens and Albus can’t even pick up his broom. That’s right.

And Harry Potter? Let’s just say everybody makes mistakes and Harry is no exception.

I’m not going to spoil the fun, so I’ll stop here. Rest assured, it’s a different medium, but the feeling is always the same. From the moment I opened the first page was like falling back into an old routine. Hogwarts, King’s Cross, Magic, Muggles.

Tickets are fairly expensive, but if you have a look at the website every Friday at 1pm, you might get a pleasant surprise (to know more about The Friday Forty promotion, click the link).

If you come around London, don’t miss it!

Check the website for more info: Harry Potter and The Cursed Child


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