Creative Writing Day 29 – A writer’s guardian

There are soooo many places where inspiration can come from.

It might be from an image.

It might be from a sentence.

It might be from an object.

Because I am very tired after a day of cycling, I turned directly to my inspirational owl and chose this prompt:

Choose an object and use it as inspiration for your writing. Take 10 minutes.

AnacletoSitting in his glossy bubble, Anacleto looked at the room outside and sighed. It wasn’t going well. The new girl was promising, but way too distracted. She would write for ten minutes tops, before lifting her eyes from the page and start staring dreamily out of the window.

When this happened, he would softly clear his throat, enough to stir up the girl’s interest in her notes. Then he would go back to reading his big book, quiet in his glossy bubble, until next time he was needed.

This is my actual Creative Guardian, he’s called Anacleto and he’s an owl sitting in a shiny globe.

That’s it for today, but stay tuned, because tomorrow I’ll be off to Hay’s Lit Festival, clutching my ticket for Caitlin Moran’s talk. Excited!!!


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