Creative Writing Day 27 – Supermarket ghost

There’s a writing prompt that goes:

Invert settings and stereotypes. Write the settings for a ghost story in a crowded supermarket and a love story in a chiropodist waiting room.

Feel free to take it and use it, because I am not going to follow this guideline. Not today, at least.

Instead, reading this prompt, I fell in love with the idea of the ghost in the supermarket. Not a crowded one, just a supermarket. So here it is.

Supermarket Ghost Story

Photograph by Michael Ocampo
Photograph by Michael Ocampo

They are long hours of waiting, those Roger spent hiding behind some boxes in the back store. Going out wasn’t advisable: Jerry had done it once, scaring crazy a couple of costumers, and got hoovered up by one of the customer assistants of the supermarket.

No much harm done, he had floated out of the vacuum cleaner in seconds, but couldn’t stop sneezing for days after the incident.

So Roger waited patiently, until the last costumer was gone and the door was locked. It was his turn to hunt the aisles.

He stalked down to the vegetables section. Nobody was in sight, so he grabbed a watermelon, held it up in the air and let it drop with a smash. Then he his between the cauliflowers and waited.

The security guard was the first to appear. Roger suppressed a giggle as he saw the hard face he had put on. He had just started checking behind the shelf, when a tomato hit him full in the left ear. The guard jumped a good two feet, tomato pulp dribbling down his collar, ending up hugging directly milk bottles.

Roger could hardly hold himself from bursting into laughter. He was taking aim to send another tomato flying over, when a horrid sucking sound came from behind him and a woman’s voice said: “I got you!”

Roger gaped and tried to scuttle away, but there was little he could do: he was going to spend the following week sneezing.

I hope you enjoyed.

I’ll let you know as soon as I get a spark of inspiration over a love story in a chiropodist waiting room.

See you tomorrow!


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