Creative Writing Day 25 – It’s all about the set up…

I love it when I find new prompts!

As yesterday I opened up the website for Writing Exercises, I saw a brand new page about SETTINGS. My eyes lit up.

Today I clicked on all the buttons and tried to tick all the boxes. Here’s the prompt:

Take a random setting and write the story springing up from it. Take 10 minutes.

Photograph by Stanley Zimny
Photograph by Stanley Zimny

SETTING: It’s mid-afternoon. There’s a strong wind blowing. You’re in a forest. The atmosphere is barren.

I didn’t even think there could be wind in a forest, but I guess this place barely counts as one. There are countless trees around me, yet not one leaf on their branches. Then only green I see is that of the weeds, indomitable parasites, fearless survivors.

I know I should be home before it’s dark, so I look up at the sky: the sun is still up high, plenty of time.

My steps resound in loud cracks, as I brace myself to walk against a wind that feels like a solid wall pushing me back. It’s almost as if something is trying to keep me away. Away from what? That’s what I am here to find out and I have no intention of falling back on my steps.

I know something has happened to turn all those trees in wooden skeletons. The same thing that has hit my grandparents’ house and garden. They too have been left for skeletons.

I know this is the start of something. I just can’t quite see where it goes.

I guess I have to keep on walking through that forest…


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