Creative Writing Day 24 – Similarities…

Late Night Creative Writing.

It’s been a long bookish day and only now (10pm UK time) I sat down to do some writing. As a result, I wasn’t quite keen on writing great stories. Instead, I decided to get a bit wild with rhetoric. So similes it is.

Made up prompt:

Take 6 adjectives and write a similes for each one, doing your best to avoid clichés and common sayings.

HAPPY –> As happy as a squirrel in a nut house (pun absolutely intended).

SHARP –> As sharp as the spikes around a prickly pear.

SPARKLING –> As sparkling as salmon’s scales as it leaps over the water in the morning light.

CREATIVE –> As creative as life can be.

OVERWHELMING –> As overwhelmed as a spider fighting off a vacuum cleaner.

SCARY –> As scary as a night without moon, but full of creaking sounds.

This is one of the things I prefer doing, a little creative exercise, to get my writing rolling out of common ground, straight into quirky nonsense.

And these similes are great to drop into conversation!



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