Creative Writing Day 23 – Heavy on the ground

After 7 days of slow life, it’s time to get back on track.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a writer’s retreat of sorts, so a lot of writing has been done… although it was more plotting and discussing, than actual story-writing.

There’s been a lot of talking.

Back home, however, life is not very writing-oriented. Nonetheless, I got round to find a few minutes to dedicate to my craft. Here’s the prompt I used:

Choose an image as inspiration. Write for 10 minutes.

Photo by Thad Zajdowicz
Photo by Thad Zajdowicz

What a different world that was. Not the dark and musky place he came from, with its stale atmosphere and stale time.

Here out, things moved. People looked just like him, but they hopped lightly on their legs and knees, hurrying to catch a bus or running after a ball. There was blue sky right above him and the sun was burning bright. He slowly moved his arms to cross his hands in front. He would have wanted to take off his hat, but strength was leaving him.

He glanced up at the birds, tiny feathered things, carried away by the wind. They landed on branches and sat among leaves. He silently envied them.

He looked at himself, at his arms and hands crossed in front. Then he gazed out at the world again. Everything looked so light. Then how did he feel so heavy out there?

Eventually, he slid back down his hole and went back to the darkness.



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