Creative Writing Day 18 – Scrambled Words for Breakfast

The German atmosphere makes my words fly high.

They mingle with the sun rays and then come back down, gathering on my piece of paper. I collect them and I listen to their stories.

imageIn a more practical way, today I enjoyed myself with a poetry exercise that I like to call ‘Scrambled Words’. It’s an exercise I have done before (see link) with one of my two writing mentors (see how lucky I am).


It’s in two stages. The first stage goes like this:

Think about your favourite place in the world (it can be imaginary as well). Using the words you like the most, write a short paragraph describing it. Do this exercise on a lined piece of paper and take care to leave some distance between the words. Take 5 minutes for the writing.

For reasons you will understand, I don’t have a record of this part of the exercise, since the second part goes like this:

Cut every single word of the paragraph you wrote (you can leave groups of two words if you feel they belong together). Once you have all these small pieces of paper, shuffle them. Then take a blank page and start matching words. Try not to think about the meaning too much, but listen to the sound of the words. Follow your instinct. Take as much time as needed. Have fun.

Breathe open sky.
                                                    Fresh wind to see life.

Still, thriving silence supports my head.

A pencil for company here.
                                Music keeps feeding me.

I sit around words,
                              float above space.

There notes,
                        here mind.

with the right piece of life.


From the banks of the river Main, my words float all the way to you, wherever you are.

I hope you like them. I hope they speak to you.



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