Creative Writing Day 16 – Cubes from a Writer’s Retreat

It’s a chill chill world in the whereabouts of Frankfurt.

This is where my writing retreat is taking place, in a nice house, steps from the woods and yards from the city. It’s bless.

Not to mention the little table in the garden.

Too bad the sun is evading us, but we wouldn’t have silver linings, without any clouds, right?

After a short hiatus – a two-days pause, made of walks in the woods and into libraries… – here I am, StoryCubes in hand and ready to go.

As you might guess, the prompt has to do with storytelling and dice…

Roll the dice and take the three images as inspiration for your writing. Take 10 minutes.

imageThe cage was very small. Marvin, the black cat who inhabited the Queen’s castle, moved three steps around its circumference, only to end up at the same point he had started from.

Three steps weren’t many. Where was his prey gone?

He had seen something moving, he was sure. He had caught the sparkle of the light reflected in his prey’s terrified eyes. But then where did it go?

In the middle of the cage, only a round metallic object lay cold and lifeless, Marvin had tried to have a good sniff at it, but its pointy edges had prickled his nose and bothered his whiskers.

He moved another three steps around the cage. Where had the door gone? The steel bars stood rigid around him, but no gap was wide enough to cross and leave. Yet, he had entered somehow.

He circled the perimeter once more, unsuccessfully, then decided to wait it out, found a soft spot on the floor and lay down to rest.

It wasn’t but a few minutes later, when he heard the princess’s voice say: “There you are, silly cat! How did you end up in there?”

It’s a cat cat world.

I can’t promise to be constant this week, since we are taking life in a very slow motion way, but I’ll be back soon for another prompt.

Meanwhile, throw your dice, or pick three words and take 10 minutes to let your story unfold…


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