Creative Writing #12 – It’s only a matter of point of view…

I am leaving tomorrow for a 10-day writing retreat. Hence, jubilant!

However, this means that tomorrow I will be either too tired, or too travelling, or too settling to actually write something creative.

Don’t panic, though! I got the perfect solution.

Today’s prompt is a two-part exercise and goes pretty much like this:

1) Pick an object and take 5 minutes to describe it and/or talk about it. Try and use all the five senses (touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing).

Looking at its metal glaze and smooth surface, I compare it too an oddly shaped mirror. Its dented extremity serves me so well in the eating business, though. Too bad for the metallic taste of this stainless steel fork, an odourless and impersonal object. Only when used it can find its voice, singing a cutlery tune in the feeding song.

Photo by simo. All Rights Common.
Photo by simo. All Rights Common.

2) Now take another 5 minutes and write as if you were the object, imagining what it might feel, touch, smell, taste, see, or hear.

It’s always the same. I am the most valuable object as long as there’s something they have to put in their sticky mouth, but as soon as the food is finished, nobody cares about the poor fork. I protest!

I can hear them, crunching away at the chocolate bar, or the pack of crisps. Oh, but those, they like touching. It’s only the sticky and smelly things I have to take care of. The stink of fish goes on me, right? I protest!

I long the touch of a loving hand, like the one that took my brother Forky and tied him to that stick. Now he’s living the greatest adventures, running around and saving the world.

I protest! I too want to save the world!

There’s much a fork can say…

I’ll see you in a few days for more prompts!



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