Creative Writing #11 – Exploring the Ordinary

Characters are living entities.

Even though you rarely see them walking next to you, a well-build character becomes for the writer a real life person, more often than not.

If it hasn’t happened yet, there are simple prompts to encourage it. Yesterday’s prompt was an example. Today, instead, I’d like to explore the extraordinary dimension of ordinary life.

Imagine you character in a very ordinary situation (going to the supermarket, having breakfast, etc.). Remember, nothing momentous is meant to happen at this moment of the story (it’s a dead moment). Take 10 minutes.

Photo by Monik Markus.
Photo by Monik Markus.

The alarm went off at the strike of seven, but Martin was already awake. He pulled away the duvet, while numbers raced through his head.

In the kitchen, everything was just like he had left it, but he cared to count his notebooks anyway, before grabbing the pack of coffee from the cupboard. He didn’t like the light weight of it. He checked inside.

When had he drunk all that coffee?

He checked in the cupboard again, hoping to find a second pack stored there, but had to be disappointed.

He poured the coffee in the coffee machine and turned on the kettle. That day wasn’t starting well.

He quickly calculated that the single mug of coffee could probably last him up to four hours. That wasn’t a consolation. In order to meet the least amount of people at the shop, it had to be either early morning, or late night. He sighed and directed a longing glance at his notes, then put on his jacket and left.

Of course, in 10 minutes there’s not much I can explore, but maybe tomorrow I could take another 10 and see what happens at the shop?

And you? Is there one of your character you’d like to see in an ordinary life situation? Take 10 minutes (or more) and have fun!

I’ll see you tomorrow…


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