Creative Writing #10 – Description Time!

Descriptions. I’m so not good at those.

It’s not much for words, as for visualisation. If an action is taking place in the woods, I will be more easily talking about the action, than about the glistening resin on the tree trunks and the buzzing of insects in everybody’s ears.

For this reason, today’s exercise is about description.

Actually, not entirely. It’s a character building exercise, but the description has nothing to do with the character themselves. The prompt goes like this:

Pick a character and match them to a room. Then describe the room as a function of the character. Try to use the more senses you can. Take 10 minutes.

The yellow paint of the walls is starting to show some mould in the corner opposite the bedroom door, while the open window allows some warm air inside. Looking down, a glimpse the street, its noises timidly rising up to the first floor room.

There is a notebook next to the bed, on the nightstand, and a strong smell of vanilla flavoured candles hovers across space.

Against the wall opposite the bed lies a desk, overflowing with books and papers. The bookshelf right next to it doesn’t look any better.

A small drawer occupies the wall next to the door, covered in bric-à-brac, dusty leftover from high school days, half-burned candles, and incense sticks. A lonely purple scarf is resting on the back of the chair.

Next to the window, a board hangs from the wall. Amongst all kinds of notes, a picture catches the attention: two young faces take the entire frame, that of a boy and that of a girl. The resemblance is uncanny. A small heart has been glued on the side of the boy’s face. The note pinned next to it is a goodbye letter.



This was one of the most difficult things to write, since the beginning of this challenge. I’m not sure how it went, but I will still give myself a pat on the shoulder. For doing it, you know?

And you? Will you give it a go?

I’ll see you tomorrow for Creative Writing #11!


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