Creative Writing #9 – Night Terrors

I got genuinely scared and this is mainly why I don’t write horror stories.

Writing from general prompt is very nice, but it means that I am basically always doing the same thing, only starting from a different point. This time, I decided to step a bit out of my comfort zone. And it was scary.

The prompt goes like this:

Explore fear by writing a passage about a character waking up during the night.

Take 5-10 minutes.

Photo taken by Rachel.Adams
Photo taken by Rachel.Adams

The rain was hammering at the window and there was the sound of water trickling down, as if a tap had been left loose in the room.

There was no tap in the room.

The noise was loud enough in the otherwise complete silence of the bedroom that Mika could not sleep. But was it the sound that kept him awake?

Lying on his back, his gaping eyes surveyed the room. Only a trickle of light came in throw a gap between the curtains. He could only barely make out the shapes of the objects he knew by heart. Nothing seemed out of place, yet there was something wrong. He was sure somebody – something – was watching him.

He daren’t move, lest making himself visible. At the same time he wished to pull his head under the duvet, the ultimate protection against evil, as it seemed to him.

He couldn’t do that, though. The same way he couldn’t close his eyes. He knew that, the moment he did, it would come for him.

So he would keep guard, until morning came.


…see you tomorrow…?


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