Creative Writing #7 – Three Words on a Boat (not to talk of the writer)

Stories can spark from the most trivial things. Stephen King is famous for taking the most trivial “What If” and turning it into the most horrendous and terrifying story.

However, it needn’t always be that way.

Today I decided to take the three nouns challenge and see what story three trivial nouns could spark in my mind. Also, this is an excellent prompt when caught by writer’s block!

The prompt goes like this:

Take three random nouns and write for 10 minutes, trying to include all of them.

The random words for this exercise are: INSTANT, THUMB, WIPE

Pictures taken by grahamvphoto
Pictures taken by grahamvphoto

It wasn’t the first time. Her mechanic had checked the car so many times and every time Laura left him as he repeated: “All’s fine. It won’t happen again.” Until it happened.

Usually, the engine broke down in the middle of town – very seldom Laura ventured in the outskirts, let alone countryside.

This time, though, she had decided to visit her friend in Birmingham, a good 100 miles away, a two-hour journey, most of which amidst sheep and fences. She barely had had a chance to notice the unusual trembling, because it only lasted an INSTANT, then the engine sputtered for a bit and shut down.

She sighed and checked her phone, but had no reception.

Discouraged, Laura got off the car to check what had happened, but a cloud of smoke enveloped her as soon as she opened the bonnet. There was little she could do.

She cleaned her face with one of the wet WIPES she kept in her purse and stuck out her THUMB, hoping someone would pass by soon.

You can find three random words on this nice little website: Writing Exercises.

I have seen entire novels spark from just three words… why don’t you give it a try?

As for me, I’ll see you tomorrow for Creative Writing #8!


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