Creative Writing #6 – Animal Kingdom

There’s an animal hidden inside each one of us.

Maybe it’s a fluffy little hamster, always gnawing away at some carrot. Maybe it’s a proud and fierce lion pacing around the savannah. Maybe it’s a lazy dog, sleeping on the carpet.

The great thing is, it’s always different, depending on the day, the moment, the environment. Today, I decided to explore the animal hidden inside me, using my creativity and my writing. The prompt goes like this:

If you were an animal, what would you be? Take 5-10 minutes to write and try not to name the animal you chose.

Pic by Phil Romans
Pic by Phil Romans

I’d be sitting on a high branch, looking down on the world, unseen by everybody else. The fresh air caresses my muzzle and I close my eyes in delight. I’m smiling, not with my teeth, but with my whole body.

I stretch my paws and pierce the rough surface of the wood, like piercing the thick skin of a huge leafy companion, but he doesn’t mind. He will still cover me in green lush branches, sheltering me from the sun above and hiding me from the prey down below.

A clicking sound catches my ear. I stay alert. The clicking turns to rustling and shuffling. The smell of food reaches my nostrils. I don’t move, but I stay on the look-out. My stomach is full and I consider my options: kill and save it for later or let it go?

The little thing moves nearer. I can see it now.

I close my eyes and turn my head. The wind turns and takes the smell away. I resume my rest.

What’s the animal inside you right now? Take this 10 minutes of creative freedom and find out!

I’ll see you tomorrow for Creative Writing #7!


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