Creative Writing #5 – 21st Century Frankensteins

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction and sometimes fiction seems to foresee reality’s future.

One of yesterday’s news went like this: “Trial to bring dead brains to life is approved.”

Could I not write something out of this? Of course I couldn’t (sorry for the double negative, but you got the point. I HAD TO write this).

I picked out a very apt writing prompt that goes like this:

Open the newspaper and select the news that spark your attention the most. If it’s more than one, select your favourite and write for 10 minutes.


Mel Brooks in “Frankenstein Junior”

It was with excitement that Victor injected the solution. Of course, it was going to take time, but the stem cells were going to work their way to the damaged parts of the bran and fix it.

Dead wasn’t going to be dead anymore. They were taking a huge step towards defying death.

That night, as he lay in his bed, he was fantasasing about Nobel prizes and world-recognition, when the phone rang. A panicked voice on the other side said: “It’s breaking out! The laboratory… oh my God!”

Then the line went dead.

Victor stared at the empty room. Did that really happen? The silence was buzzing with adrenaline. It it was a dream, he might as well have played along.

Fifteen minutes later, still wearing his pajamas under his coat, he stepped into the Life Science Building. As he did so, one of the porters ran towards him screaming, then passed him by and went out in the street.

Across the hall, Victor saw something moving: the shape was that of a human being, but the posture was somehow off. When it finally turned around, Victor had the first true sight of his creation – his monster.

Uh, that was fun!

Let’s just be clear: I haven’t read the article and I haven’t got enough information to have an opinion about this. I was just having fun. Good, harmless, fun. Thank you very much.

Being a huge fan of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, it was almost irresistible.

Anything sparking your fancy from today’s news? Take 10 minutes out and have fun, explore!

I’ll see you tomorrow for another writing day and writing prompt.


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