Creative Writing #4 – May the 4th be with you… and with the BEES!

I could have gone down the sci-fy path. However, I am not good at fan-fiction (not to mention I am much less than an expert of the Star Wars Universe).

So, I decided to lay low. Nonetheless, here’s my daily dose of creativity!

Now, it’s been quite an eventful day (and I’m only halfway through it), so I decided to take an exercise from ‘The Vein Of Gold’ by Julia Cameron. I did this exercise before in a writing course, but it’s always worth (and therapeutic) re-exploring.

This is how it goes:

Think back at your day (or the last few days, if it’s easier) and pick one event that sticks out of the crowd of memories. Then take 10 minutes to tell the episode, but in the 3rd person, either from the point of view of someone else present, or turning yourself into a 3rd party narrator.

With such a sunny day outside, Lena found the air in the room stifling. After all, even the song said it: “Let the sunshine in!” (and the fresh air too, she guessed).

She opened the window and blocked it open with a wooden log on the side, just like she always did. Then, she sat to bathe in the warm light.

It was surprising how quickly the smell of closed quarters surfed out through the small gap, while daffodils and tulips made their way in. What nobody ever mentioned, though, is that smells are not the only ones riding the wind: bees do that too.

As the insect buzzed around the room, Lena stared at it. She hadn’t realised what it was just yet. Looking at it from a distance as it flew around, it might have been just a fly, in which case she would’ve taken a newspaper and delivered the front page straight to the head.

However, a bee that was and there was one imperative Lena couldn’t ignore: DON’T KILL THE BEES.

There was a moment of indecision, then the honeybee decided to fly a bit lower and a bit closer. Lena gave a yelp, but managed not to scream. She eyed the door like a cornered prey and darted out to seek help at the first chance.

P.S. In the end, the bee was safely brought back to the garden. DON’T KILL THE BEES!

With such a start of the day, I can’t say how eager I am to live through the rest of it.

And you? Have you done something momentous worth exploring from a 3rd person point of view? Put aside 10 minutes and May the 4th be with you…


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