Creative Writing #3 – Random First Line

Maybe because it’s just the first few days, but nothing seems to inspire me enough.

In a way, this is exactly why I am doing this: writing is not just inspiration, it’s sitting down and doing the job, as some people say.

Well, today I sat down and I did my job. The prompt I used comes once again from ‘The Writer’s Toolbox’ and it goes like this:

Choose one of the FS (First Sentence) stick and write for 5-6 minutes.

Technically, after those 5-6 minutes, I should have chosen another stick (NS – Non Sequitur), then another one (LS – Last Sequence). However, one stick is enough for a short writing exercise. To compensate, I wrote for 10 minutes.

20160502_214443I loved the way she said “balloon”. She said it as if she were blowing bubbles.

Even when she wasn’t taking notice of it, my auntie blew her lips and let them pop apart in a round “B”, gliding then on the “L” and pursing them in a long “U”.

Every time we saw her coming into the room, my brother started giggling, while asking one of his silly questions about balloons, causing her to start on long answers that involved a lot of balloons indeed. My brother giggled away, my auntie got crossed and insisted in her repetition of the cursed word, while I just sat down and stared at her with my mouth open, delighted at all those bubbles blowing and rising colourful in my mind, like so many balloons in the summer air.

If you want to try at home, here’s a nice place where to find random First Sentences: Random First Line.

See you tomorrow for Creative Writing #3!


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