Creative Writing #1 – A frameshot of you

First Writing Prompt comes from a writing group I have been part of for a while.
This exercise was kindly shared by my friend Louise and it goes like this:

Write six sentences, each one starting with “I AM…”. In the first one you will be an ANIMAL, then a PLANT, then a GARMENT, then a  SENSATION, then a PLACE, finally a TIME.
Write quickly and don’t over think it. This exercise shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

imageI AM a cheetah, stealthy in her movements.

I AM a bush, slowly growing large and wide.

I AM a pair of shorts, folding gently on the flesh, not hindering the movements, letting the legs free.

I AM the quiet before the storm.

I AM a city at night, silent, but thriving with life.

I AM forever, locked in a nutshell, waiting to explode.

Whatever that means about me, that was what came out of a fast-shooting creative moment.

Are you up for 5 minutes of intuitive writing?

See you tomorrow for Creative Writing #2!


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