Back from Camping…

Finish CampNaNoWriMo: Checked.

A minute ago I edited the last word of the novel ‘Worlds Apart’ (the title is still a work in progress…). I did it!!!

What always worries me after such a feat is the lack of writing motivation. Will I stop writing, only because I don’t have an angry deadline waiting for me at the end of the month?

The answer is a reverberating NO!

(Don’t judge my choice of adjective. I like very much the word ‘reverberating’.)

For this reason, I decided to embark in a new challenge for the month of May: 31 days, 31 short writings.

I had this idea while holding my course ‘Creative Writing for Foreigners’. Most of the exercises take what? 10 minutes? And they are a great way to spark creativity.

There, it’s on!

Follow me to get these daily sparks of creative writing… or if you are looking for some short, easy moments of creativity.

See you soon!


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