A case for ‘All About Love’ by bell hooks

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The third book for Our Shared Shelf was a lovely book about love – as the title cleverly states.

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Unfortunately I had this book quite late in the month and I had way too much time to read comments of any sort on the Goodreads Group.

The discussions were on fire, it felt as if this time Emma had simply got it wrong. But how could it be, I thought. I read interviews and gathered information about bell hooks and her work and I thought it just thrilling to read something about love written by her.

Then I realised the common ground of all those discussions: Religion.

This simply frustrated me. Let me tell you why.

The book is about love. All religions in the world (at least those I can think about) are founded on love. bell hooks is a religious woman.

To me, any mention of God was more than justified. Call me narrow-minded, but I can’t understand why people can be put off by such a delicate incorporation of God in a book about love.

I mean, even Julia Cameron spent the entire ‘Artist’s Way‘ talking about God and His Creative Force. I read God and translated into Universe.

Then again, I have to admit that the last chapter went a bit too far with the talk about angels. Even then, I didn’t find it very hard to read Angel and translate it into Good People.

bell hooks and I don’t see divinity in the same way, but certainly we have the same view about love. I am so happy I met her in this book, I shook her hand and she hugged me tight, telling me to believe that love exists and it’s not a noun. Love is a verb.


Find more about this book on Goodreads.

Find more about Our Shared Self following this link.


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