Yes! I did it again! – NaNoWriMo Win 2015!

So I can finally show off this fantastic achievement!

NaNoWinner Banner

It’s so relieving, you have no idea…. unless you’ve done it before, in which case you have a very clear idea.

As usual, I don’t have a great opinion of my first draft, not to mention that a lot of passages aren’t exactly connected to each other (this happened mostly at the end, when I had already finished the book and I had to write 3.000 words – see previous post).

I didn’t write an extra scene or anything, if that’s what you think. I just added what I knew I had to add. Like descriptions (I am rubbish at those) and a bit of background story for some of the characters (which is needed to understand what the heck happens).

Now I will basically finish with the last complementary scene and then I will just put the novel in a tidy folder and leave it there.

From December, it will be editing time! And I will keep good track of everything and I will be a good girl and I will NOT procrastinate, despite Christmas.

Well, let’s talk about that…

All right folks!

And! Talking about Christmas. I think the best present you might get for everybody you know (and I say everybody) is a nice little small booklet (bigger on the inside) full with colourful artwork and lovely poems. Yes, I am talking about my new book, the one you can find on Amazon if you just click on this: ‘I walked across a bridge…’.

So go go go! Click and get it before it’s too late and Christmas passes and goes!


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