NaNoWriMo – Day #25

Until yesterday I thought I had been blessed.

NaNoWriMoNot always it happens to turn this month in something relaxing or – in any way – not to get completely locked out of your social life.

I managed to keep on working, live a normal life, see friends, and even do some grocery shopping once in a while. All this while writing steadily close to 2000 words per day.

I also should mention that most of it is thanks to some amazing devices, such as the word crawls. I have been doing the one Harry Potter Themed.

What is a Harry Potter Word Crawl? Basically, you follow Harry during his first year at Hogwarts and while he fights bad guys you sprint ahead in the scene you’re writing, or challenge yourself to some impossible task (like writing 500 words in 5 minutes. Not. Easy.), or roll a die and see how many words Harry needs to get away from Snape, this sort of things.


So what’s my problem?

My book is finished. I have nothing else to write.
that's not supposed to happen

No, seriously, I got to 46700 words and maybe I can come up with another scene, but I have no idea how to make it 3300 words long.

Ok, this was my gratuitous rant.

Thanks for listening. Over and out.


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