“I walked across a bridge” by M. Marzola and C. Giribaldi


In the end, everything has gone as it should have.

BookCoverPreviewMy tiny book of poetry is out in the world, with the fantastic pastel drawings that my partner made during her travels in South America.

Really, I think you should get the book only for the drawings, they are amazing!

In short, what we did was to get her drawings and my poems and match them together. This is true for half of the poems and drawings you’ll find in the book.

As for the other half, we already had her drawings and, well, I let the colours talk to me the way colours do. This way I wrote a poem, which ended up matching what she had tried to express with pastels.

It’s been a lot of fun to do and I am sure you’ll enjoy.

The book is available in paperback on Amazon UK and you can get it here (of course it’s also available in Amazon International, Amazon Italy and some other Amazon I can’t remember).

It’s also available for Kindle, but I would strongly recommend the paperback copy, mainly because the drawings are in colour and why would you get a book about colours on a Kindle that only does black and white? Unless you have a Kindle that does colour.

If you are not an Amazon supporter, you can also get it from CreateSpace at this link.

Enough for now! It’s time to celebrate!!!



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