Frankfurt Book Fair, Here I Come!!!

The first time I heard about the Frankfurt Book Fair it was in school, German class. I was 14. I daydreamed about walking the aisles of this grandiose pavilions, stroking the spine of millions of books, meeting important people and talking to even more important authors.

Then the teacher would ask me a question, I would snap back to reality and look at her with the same eyes a stockfish might boast. Of course I hadn’t even heard the question in the first place, let alone knowing the answer.

But this is not a story about my school days. So, back to the Book Fair.

It wasn’t until a few months ago that I heard about that again, when my Book-Gury Friend called me up and said: “Hey, there’s the Frankfurt Book Fair in October let’s go!”

That is all very well said, but. There is a big but. And I’m not talking about the price of flights (although that was quite a BUT on its own).

You see, the Fair is only open to common mortal people on Saturday and Sunday. To get in during the week (the uncomplicated, brilliantly sparse and awesome week) you need to by a member of the press, an author, or some kind of professional in the book business. I was none of those.

Until my friend called up on me again: “You got a blog, dummy! Ask for a press pass!”

And this is how, for some weird coincidence, I got entitled a Press Pass from the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Flight is today. Fair is tomorrow! Then Frankfurt!!!

A lot of F-words, each one more exciting than the other!

The Host Country this year is Indonesia, so lots of seminars, talks and conferences about Indonesian culture and writings. I’m thrilled at the idea of what I might learn from such an interesting country!

And then of course, hundreds of Publishers and Authors and Agents from whom to learn the dos and donts, the tricks and mishap of the profession.

I’ll tell you all about it in a couple of days, so… stay tuned!

Time to go. See you on the other side, fellas!



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