‘Americosis’ by Haydn Wilks

This is going to be a peculiar review for me. Mostly because I had no idea who Haydn Wilks even was. Now I know that he was born in some Welsh place with a strange name, that he lived in Seoul, that he wrote another book about a alcoholist (or something like that), titled ‘The Death of Danny Daggers’, and that he has started writing a dystopian novel where the U.S.A. are wiped out of history by a sexually transmitted virus.

The last one I mentioned, is a book called ‘Americosis’.

I have been given this book for free in exchange of a honest review. And honest it’s going to be.

It was quite a nice read and certainly entertaining.
Of course, this is only a novella that introduces the story, so it’s a bit like reviewing the first chapter of a novel. It’s hard to have a clear opinion of something I have just started reading.

Well, it did puzzle me at the beginning, mostly because of the gratuitous sex scenes (yes, the virus is sexually transmitted, but this doesn’t mean that EVERYONE has to be sex-obsessed).

But I’m being fussy, I mean, this was really only the fifth page or something.

Apart from that, I liked the intertwining of plots and characters, it’s very clever made. I also liked the idea of putting it yes in the future, but not that much. It sounds like contemporary and that drives the reader into the story in a very powerful way.

Then… well… it talks about time travel. And for once, our grand-grand-grand-children are not driving flying cars. This is kind of nicely unexpected. It’s the dystopian made real and I think it’s quite brilliant.

All in all, would I recommend this novella? I don’t know yet. Possibly. If the rest of the story keeps up.

If it stays in a crescendo, just like this short story has done, then great things are bound to happen. Have a look at it, or check out Dead Bird Press website, or Haydn Wilks website itself.

You can also read about this book on Goodreads or buy a very cheap Kindle copy on Amazon.


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