Magic Sunday – The Aftermath

Could it be any more awesome? I don’t think so…

I have stars in my eyes and I see stars anywhere I go. Either I have knocked my head somewhere, or I’m very very ecstatic, one of the two.

Jokes aside, there is a list of people I have to thank (but I’m not going to bore you with all the names) for the help and support in the last few weeks.

Not to mention thanks to you lot, who’ve been incredibly supportive yesterday, while I was half panicking and half reading your lovely messages and comments. Thank you all!

The evening in itself has been incredibly inspiring! You know when you start with an idea and you know roughly where it’s going? Ok, that’s where I was yesterday. Then I went to the Brewery Theatre and staged my 10-minutes taster.

The audience has been so reactive and the feedback has been just illuminating. What I thought was going to be just a bunch of nonsense, put together so that it sounded like I was telling something, actually took the shape of a complex and multi-layered comedy of the absurd, about waiting for the ‘right time’ in our life, about that constant striving to go OUT somewhere, but never really making that step that makes us cross the threshold.

The Chair - Live at the Brewery Theatre for the Prototype Project
The Chair – Live at the Brewery Theatre for the Prototype Project I’m the one on the left, standing. The one on the right is the brilliant Taban Yasin, who joined me on stage.

Of course, little could have been possible, without the great Taban Yasin, supporting me and act foolishly right next to me on the stage.

She accepted to act in a play that wasn’t even finished, with very uncertain outcome, and she made it even better than what it looked in my own mind. She brought it to life in front of my eyes.

Also, she managed to learn lines (and pauses) in only a week – which I am incredibly grateful for – while I mostly made it up along the way and tried to make it as close to what I remembered as possible.

So here, this is The Chair.



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