Magic Sunday!!!

I can’ t even start counting how many things are important with this day.

No, seriously, I can’t. I tried, but I panicked when I got as far as one.

So, please give me some support as I try it again.

the artists way coverFirst of all, today is the last day of my Artist’s Way. It’s been a long twelve weeks journey, but I finally got to the last week and I’m setting up my jar, where to put my fears and doubts. It’s already half full (surely not half empty…). Bad sign?

I won’t say I’m going to miss it, because once you get your artistic life started, all those tasks do get a bit in your way… but I’m certainly happy I did it and I’m going to carry with me all the great teachings Julia Cameron has given me.

That said, I’m abandoning Morning Pages. Don’t judge me, but I’ve never been such an early bird…

Second, there this tiny little thing: MY PLAY GOES ON STAGE!

I didn’t mean to shout, but MY PLAY GOES ON STAGE!!!

It’s just a 10 minutes taster and as you can see I’m perfectly cool about it. Not nervous at all. Not even a bit freaking out. It’s all perfectly fine. No one minds if I’m popping out to Hong Kong, like now, and hide away for a couple of weeks, right?

Jokes apart, It’s both stressful and exciting… I haven’t been on stage since my high school years, so you see… no pressure.

For those of you who are around, it’s at the Brewery Theatre, Bristol, UK. From 6pm. I’ll be the one trying to run away, while a bunch of people restrain me. If you happen to arrive a bit later than that, I’ll probably be the one chained backstage.

Now for the third and last great thing happening today. It’s a thing, yes. Never underestimate a THING, because this is a lady-thing. It’s CampNaNoWriMo!!!

I’m still running for my word count (and doing impressively well…). I am still managing not to panic because I won’t be able to write for half of this month. I’m doing good. Mostly because I already have enough to panic about, I wouldn’t want things to get mixed up. You know, one panic at a time.

All right, fellas (fellas?). That’s all for today.

I’m going to jump off a cliff, see you later.



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