From Writer to Playwriter

I’m staging my play!

Well, 10 minutes of it, but still… I’m staging my play!!!

‘Weren’t you writing novels and stories and stuff?’ you might think.

Let me explain.

A while ago I took this brilliant writing course and someone who’s now a dear friend of mine taught me how to write poetry, then how to write short stories and finally, how to approach a stage play.

I felt as if I had just found my personal Holy Grail.

During a simple exercise about conflict, this was the task:

Write a scene where the two characters have a different agenda. They might want the same thing or their different goals might clash one against the other. Imagine something like two people who want to sit on the same chair.

You can use this to fantasize if you like. Actually, please do.

Naturally, as it happens with most of my writing exercises, my mind went blank and I couldn’t think of anything. I decided, then, to take the scene as it was: two people who wanted to sit on the same chair.

Why? Who knows.

As a result, such an absurd dialogue came out that my mind immediately went to the Comedy of the Absurd. And once I made the connection, I couldn’t rest anymore, until I wrote past that scene, until the end of Act I.

The play is not yet finished to this day, but Bristol (UK) is the place to be when you’re trying to be an artist.

The Brewery Theatre is part of the Tobacco Factory, a large cultural centre (and bar/cafe’/pub) in Bristol. Each year, they dedicate one evening to experiments and work-in-progress plays. I took my chances and they welcomed me.

So this is how, my barely-one-act play will be staged (for only 10 minutes, but for 10 minutes!!!) on a real theatre, in front of a real audience in less than two weeks!

For my UK – Bristol readers, the event will be on 12th July, at 6pm. It will take place at the Brewery Theatre, near the Tobacco Factory. If anyone wants to join, you might want to book a place.

If you want to know more, here’s the link: Tobacco Factory – Prototype Project.



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