‘Eat, Pray, Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert

Watch the film now, before reading the book. Seriously, do it. Otherwise, you’ll likely to be taken by a uncontrollable urge to throw your shoes at the screen.

I watched the film first (thank Goodness, because I’m quite fond of my laptop…). Julia Roberts is great and if I didn’t overthink the Italian part, I could quite enjoy India and Bali. I mean, they shoot a blockbuster, what did you expect?

After that, I didn’t really think much of Liz Gilbert, nor of the book. I thought it was a fashion, the kind of book that only desperate housewives or some other kind of semi-desperate woman could enjoy.

Then my book-guru friend sent me a link to a TED talk. It was Liz Gilbert talking about writing and how scary it was to write another book after the great success of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. Here’s the link, because it’s worth watching.

That talk changed everything – not only my opinion about her and her book, but also my perspective on writing on itself. Now I might be following the Artist’s Way, but Liz told me the truth months and months before.

It was a while before I came across a copy of the book in a second-hand bookshop. I bought it and I left it there – to be honest, the pink hardcover unsettled me quite a lot.

I decided to actually read it when my writing teacher – the faboulos Nicola Sellars – showed us an extract of the book. One in which Liz explained how of course she couldn’t get answers from God, since the message she sent was always something like “Listen up, I don’t know what to do. Up to you, buddy”. God’s answer was naturally something like “Come back when you’re willing to take this seriously, young lady.”

Maybe I was in the only right mindset or maybe Liz is really that great. Thing is that I started reading the book and it spoke to me in so many ways.

It’s a beautiful book, if you take as the unpretentious memoir that is intended to be. Don’t expect much and it will give you lots.

Find out more about the book (and listen to Liz’s voice reading out the first few chapters) at Goodreads.

Get the book on your kindle or on you bookshelf on Amazon (or at your local bookstore!).



  1. I’ve always wanted to read this book! And… well… I sometimes discover that I’ve given interesting advices that I don’t remember… 😊 Nice talk? Really? I definitely should watch it again… 😁 How can I reblog a post?

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