‘Twilight’ by Stephenie Meyer

Few people even know I have read this book. Consider yourself lucky, oh people of the internet!

The thing is, so much has been said and so much merchandise has been around that I am still a bit under Twilight-Shock, if you know what I mean. The main question the goes round in my head is: How did this happen?

Ok, I’m being too hard on Stephenie, poor little thing.

‘Twilight’ wasn’t so bad. I mean, you can’t expect great literature, but I kind of appreciated the mixture between dark vampire threats and starstruck lovers.

That said, you get a bit sick, after a while, of them telling each other how much they are in love and how they can’t live without one another and how she would die for him and he… well, he’s already dead, but you got the point.

So, a clumsy and unlucky girl moves from big city Phoenix to small boring town Forks. For someone with her balance, this obviously is a very bad choice, since the first thing that happens to her is tripping on ice and almost end the story there and then. However, she somehow manages to survive and go to school, where a bus loses control and almost crashes her.

Fortunately, the vampire in disguise was around and stopped the bus (with only one arm oh my god he was so cool). He is a tall white (sometimes sparkling) man with a shiny Volvo who happens to take an interest in her.

She falls for it.

Then we learn that he is telepathic. However, he seems to be unable to read her thoughts.

You ask me, this is not him falling in love, this is him thinking: “WTF! I’ve got to figure it out!”

However, they quickly start calling each other ‘Love of my life’ or ‘My life’ or ‘My soul’ (they’re taking it slow, as you can see), so you have to guess it’s real love.

And this is only halfway through the book. After that, comes the adventure.

I won’t spoil anything else (I guess Twilight fans have already gathered up weapons and rocks to throw at me).

Jokes apart, if you like vampires and you feel like a light reading, it’s a good book to pick up.

You can read more about it in the Goodreads page (or in any Twilight fansite, I guess).

If you haven’t read it yet, you can get it from Amazon at this page.


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