‘The New York Trilogy’ by Paul Auster

As my book-guru friend just fell in love with this awesome guy, I couldn’t hold back telling the story of how I met him in the first place.

Of course it’s not an in-the-flesh meeting (the same way my book-guru friend didn’t really fall in love with the in-the-flesh guy), but talking about books, does it really matter?

I can’t remember the first time I heard Paul Auster’s name, but surely it has happened plenty of time. Everybody, from every corner of the world, seemed to be telling me, one way or another: “Read Paul Auster… Read Paul Auster…”

It was like a whisper in the wind, the universe itself communicating to me about this Auster guy. If it also whispered the title, I don’t know, but when I walked into the bookshop and saw ‘The New York Trilogy’ I just knew it was the right one.

The same as with many other books (not all of them, mind) I let it rest on the shelf for a few weeks. Not long, compared to the Hunger Games, but still, I let some dust gather on its cover.

Then I opened and I stood horrified for a couple of seconds: it was a book of three short stories.

Now don’t look at me like that, I know I should have guessed. I mean, it’s not a trilogy unless you have three parts, right? But at least you think these three parts are connected, like one first, then the second continues where the first left off and so on…

That’s exactly where Paul Auster is a genius. Because these stories apparently have nothing to do one with the other. Up to you, Reader, to find the connection.

As for my horrified look, it quickly left my face as soon as I started reading. Paul is a magician with words: you read the first one and you’re enchanted for 4000 other words following. Then the second part starts and there you are for another 4000 words.

Bottom line: don’t start reading Paul Auster (whatever by Paul Auster) if you have something very important to do in the next few hours. Seriously, don’t.

Now, if you want to know more about this book, you might want to go to the good old Goodreads page.

If you are already convinced and want to read the book straightaway, then Amazon is likely to be a good place to start looking.

P.S. I will tell you about this bookshop, because it’s a dreamland! Coming Soon…



      1. Uuh, you’re giving me a lot of homeworks! Thank you! I will definitely check it out! 🙂
        I also heard of his memoir, that he wrote in second person.. Have you read it?

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