Going my Artist’s Way – Starting the 5th week

It’s week 5 and I’m still going (quite relieved that I can read again…).

The best part was going on my Artist Day (an artist date one-day long) and cycling the entire Bristol-Bath Railway Path on my own. I’m not a great cyclist, the kind that hops down and walks when it’s time to go uphill.

Well, this is probably what made it so good: the sense of challenge, the uncertainty of success and pushing my limits just that much that was necessary to win the challenge.

When I got home at the end, I felt victorious. Knackered, but victorious.

Today, with this great achievement to boost my self-confidence, I walk into the 5th week of the Artist’s Way.

It’s going to be a tough week, mostly because I am spending five days at my parents’. It will be like being back to teenage years, facing all of my old traumas. I am not particularly sure I am ready for this, but hopefully Julia Cameron will give me some good tips to keep my head up.

As for the theme of this week, it’s about Recovering a Sense of Possibility. Basically, I have to start believing that I can, even when everyone else tells me I can’t.

Go and do that, while living with your parents! I’ll keep you posted…



  1. Good luck with week 5, you have a great resource to get you through it and a reminder of the past, sometimes can reveal potential for the future – the girl you always were, coming back to remind you of the things you’ve always loved. Bonne Courage!

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