Going my Artist’s Way – Week 4

This is slowly turning into a nightmare… This week’s challenge, you ask? Don’t read.

no reading zoneYes, you heard well, I mustn’t read for a week. Not for work, nor for pleasure.

I panicked. Suddenly I don’t know what to do with my life…

Right from the first day I applied my creativity to finding exceptions:

  • if I wrote it I can read it


  • if it’s to nurture my creativity, then I can read it


  • if it’s to help someone in need (serious need, not just “hey, could you read the washing machine manual for me, because I can’t be bothered”), then I can read it.

As you can see, I could potentially read a lot. If I were honest, I would call this list with its name: cheating list.

I am not reading as much as you think, though. Of course, it’s hard, in our society, where everywhere there’s a written message for you (a text, an email, a Facebook status or a tweet), but I think I’m managing. I find myself contemplating the world a bit more and I’m even drawing sometimes!

That said, I will certainly get to the end of the week, but I’m very likely to kill anybody who asks me to do this again. Suddenly it feels as if the only thing I am meant to do in my life is READING!

Even if the No-Reading clause is quite appalling, it’s not really the only thing worth mentioning about this week: you also get a day off from your life.

Yes, because the Artist Date stretches from 2 hours to one entire day. Honestly, with reading not allowed, I might get bored. But, as Julia Cameron says, when that happens, I’ll start playing!

A picture of my favorite season. Guess what it is? Yes, spring.
A picture of my favorite season. Guess what it is? Yes, spring.

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