Lost – Poems from an Exhibition

It lasted seven days and it was held at the gallery in Hamilton House, Bristol, UK.

It was my first exhibition and – more importantly – the first exhibition of a fantastic artist, Chiara Giribaldi, who lent her drawings to my poems.

To be honest, it wasn’t our exhibition, but a dazzling collection of art from the Women of the World group, a colorful and inspiring group of women I am honored to be part of.

Here’s one of the poems presented:


A whispered name,

a footprint in the sand.

We are clouds,

cruising through the sky,

full of ourselves


we could change the world.

We could let it rain

or move aside to let the sun shine.

We might live and die over the ocean

or travel as far as the highest mountain.

Then, one day,

nothing is left of us,

but an empty space

and the blue sky above us.

The sun can’t remember us.

The ocean barely notices we’re gone.

Our legacy goes lost

in a million droplets of water.

Chiara (left) and I (right) at the WoW Exhibition. Behind us, the four drawings and poems we presented.

(In case you’re wondering, Lost is the poem at the bottom right.)



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