‘The Universe versus Alex Woods’ by Gavin Extence

Have you ever read a surprise 400-pages long?

I mean. You start a book and you get the impression from the first few pages and you think: “All right, I know what this is about, the protagonist went on a quest and comes back to find trouble. Now I’m going to read a flashback where it’s explained why he got into this quest. Easy.”

As predicted, the flashback starts and … well, a meteorite strikes the protagonist on the head. I mean, I meteorite. The oddest thing is, it’s completely believable.

Inkcage - The Universe versus Alex WoodsHowever, reading “The Universe versus Alex Woods”, even after the meteorite strikes, you can’t really say you know where the book is going, because then you start asking yourself: “Why the heck should he start on a quest after this?”

Then Alex starts having troubles with his classmates and says something like: “It’s thank to them that I begun this adventure,” making you think that’s the answer to all your questions. Except it’s not.

Then he meets Mr Peterson (I’m not going to call this a spoiler, because you can read about him in the blurb on the back-cover) and you’re finally getting on to something.

In the interview at the end of the book, Gavin says that he only thought about the meteorite incident, then everything else came up later. I totally believe it (sorry for saying ‘totally’, but this book scrambled my mind that much).

It’s a quirky, witty, clever, funny, sarcastic and ironic, deep, heart-wrenching, light-bringing… oh my, I could write a kenning poem about it…







Bottom line, read it.

If you read “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time“, you certainly won’t be disappointed by Gavin Extence’s book.

If you’d like to know more about the book, you can visit its Goodreads page.

If you think you can invest in this story, then you could visit your local bookshop (or the Amazon page).


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