‘The Awakening’ by Kate Chopin

I couldn’t but remember this book, when I flipped the pages of my agenda and realized that it was already World Women’s Day.

My book-guru told me about ‘The Awakening’, but it happened in quite an unfortunate moment: November, when I was hardly finding the time to browse through the pages of ‘Cloud Atlas‘ – let alone hunting for books.

However, as soon as my time-table cleared up, I suddenly found myself in a second-hand book and there, as if the universe had put it there for me, I found Kate Chopin’s masterpiece.

When Kate Chopin wrote ‘The awakening’, at the turning of 1900, it quickly became a scandal. It didn’t matter that Kate enjoyed of a very good reputation in her circle, because Edna’s story cast a dark shade on her entire life.

Edna is an American woman living in a Creole society. Nothing wrong with that, at least until she meets Robert. However, in fairness, even then nothing in particular happens, because here’s one thing very important about Edna’s awakening: it wasn’t a man who caused it.

This is why today I am reminded of this book. Edna swims away from the crowd, away from her husband and there and then she realizes that she is free and she is strong.

From then on, nothing will ever be the same for her. Her vision of the world has changed and her husband is no more able to control her actions and her behaviors. She is free as she can be, only bound by her children and she is firm in her beliefs.

Now, you may understand why people more than frowned over this story. Everyone believed that Edna’s story of adultery was really Kate’s story.

I am very happy and thankful that such a masterpiece today is looked at as a symbol of a woman’s strength – and not any more as a symbol of a woman’s perversion.

If you want to learn more about this book, you can visit the Goodreads page.

To buy the book, you can turn to the Amazon page.

If you are a Kindle/eReader user, you can download it for free from Gutenberg Project.



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