One Billion Rising (and Acrostic…)

Today, One Billion Rising.

Today, the world is standing up (and dancing) against violence towards women and girls.

These are those brave women, dancing “I’m on my way”, the hymn of this uprising.

One Billion Rising in Bristol

In this occasion, I decided to make an acrostic on the word RISING:

Revolting against

Injustice that


In flame our hearts against

Nameless oppressors.

Guilty of silence, no more.

By the way, this is possibly going to be my last one. Acrostic I mean. It’s a great exercise, but it’s also getting quite repetitive. I’ll be back with more book reviews and writing, though!


Author: Lena's InkCage

I lived for 23 years in Italy, before giving my life a long-desired twist and leave University to fly to the UK, were I've been living ever since. I attended Creative Writing Courses, but I have also learned how to write poetry as well as screenwriting. At the moment, I am working as professional translator, English Teacher and Italian Tutor.

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