One Word Challenge ACROSTIC – Ebook

My fellow Redears and Writers,

today I’m going to make an announce and the acrostic is only a pretext to write a post.

Today’s words is EBOOK and I’m announcing my determination to land into self-publishing, possibly with a bang – more likely with a whooosh.

Here’s to you the acrostic:

Every agent and publisher wants

Books of the right kind:

Opinionated and appropriate;

Oppressed writers will seek platforms

Kayaking towards better audiences.

The only problem is, I am the only one who corrected my novel and I’m fairly sure I’m not the most impartial judge.

If you have any advice (about cheap, but good editors or alternative ways of doing it) please comment. Otherwise, thanks for the great faith you have in me and in my abilities as self-editor!


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