One Word ACROSTIC Challenge – Snooker

Before playing with this word, I have to explain something (mostly for those who might not be acquainted with the sport I’m writing about).

Snooker is a game. The principle is not dissimilar from that of pool (there’s a cue and you have to hit a white ball to make all the other balls fall into the pockets). However, it’s also incredibly different from pool and utterly elegant and clever (no offence to pool players).

Here’s if you want to know more about the game: Snooker Wikipedia. Or here to the World Snooker, for something a bit more official.

Last thing I have to point out is that Snooker is not just the name of the game, but also the name of a particular position of the balls on the table. Meaning, if one of the players sends the balls in such a position that the adversary can’t play any useful move, that’s a Snooker. The adversary has been “placed in an impossible position”, as my dictionary puts it.

Now, to the acrostic.

Stuck and helpless,

Novices tremble

Often mocked,

Overwhelmed and

Kneeling in defeat.

Example of wit, through

Rolling spheres.


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