ACROSTIC – One Word Challenge

Until last year, I thought that writing courses were a silly thing. I mean, everyone has his own voice and his own technique, right? Right. And reading and practicing should be enough to explore other ways of writing or to learn how to do it brilliantly, right? Wrong.

I was astounded to find out how many thing you can learn from other writers, how many ways there are to look at the same thing and how greatly you can improve your vision, by listening to the way other writers used their words.

However, that was not the point of this post. Well, it starts from there. Because today I started a new series of classes of poetry writing. Useless to mention, it was brilliant.

The last exercise was one of the most trivial things you can imagine: Acrostics.

You may remember doing loads of these at primary school. Basically you take one word and write a poem, being careful that every line starts with a successive letter of that word. In the end, reading in order the first letters of each line, you will read the same word you chose in the beginning.

On my way home I decided I would turn this into a little challenge of mine: everyday I will post an acrostic of a different word, picking a random word from my Oxford Dictionary.

Today, it’s going to be the word POWER.

People from around the world will

Overcome their fears and pain and

Walk together, waving one flag,

Expressing their fundamental rights.

Revolution of their free minds.


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