‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens

Yes, I know. It’s not Christmas yet (or anymore), but I like to anticipate times. Or maybe I’m just late on things. Anyway, I bumped into this little pearl only a few days ago and I didn’t want to wait 11 months before posting about it.

Let’s do one thing. Close your eyes and imagine the snow falling outside, the children playing in the park and the smell of mulled wine in the air. Cold, it’s cold, so you don’t have to imagine that.

Now, picture the Christmas tree exactly where you had it a month ago and be filled with the merriment of the season. There. It’s Christmas again!

Of course you already are acquainted with Mr Scrooge. That hideous man who thinks that Christmas is a humbug. The one that thinks that if people can’t survive, then they should very well die and erase the surplus of population in the city. The one who hasn’t been smiling in decades.

The only survivor of that hateful association ‘Marley and Scrooge’. Because Marley is dead – and that’s a fact. Scrooge even made the effort of talking at his funeral, which shows that he was very well aware that Marley was dead.

Yet, on Christmas Eve, as Scrooge was grumpily going back home, as he looked at the knocker of his door, what did he see, if not the face of poor old Marley, white and glowing at him. But of course, Scrooge is no man to impressed by this tricks of the light.

He went to his room and to bed and not until Marley’s ghost appeared in front of him, all chained up, he started believing.

The rest of the story you all know. Marley is only announcing what Scrooge has yet to face: three ghosts will visit him, one from the Christmas Past, one from the Christmas Present and, finally, one from the Christmas Yet To Come.

What Marley wishes to do, is to convince his friend that hatefulness is not the way of life. That his mean action will chain him in the afterlife. Then, it’s up to Scrooge to understand the preaching of the three ghosts.

Here’s a short film from the early ‘900, a fascinating experiment of motion picture.

If you want to know more about the story, you might want to check Goodreads page.

And may the Spirit of Christmas be with you all year round.


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