‘Lucky’ by Alice Sebold

It was a dark November afternoon. I was in the middle of the NiNoWriMo challenge and the last thing I needed was some other book I couldn’t read to knock at my door.

I was already struggling to keep up with ‘Cloud Atlas‘, what with the time I had to spend writing and the time I actually spent pretending to write. I was continuously avoiding bookshops and charity shops (those are the worst…).

Then, on this dark November afternoon, my colleague Charlotte turns up with a book I had never seen before. The title was ‘Lucky’, the author Alice Sebold.

My eyes lit up, my heart started beat faster and I started salivating… well, ok, that might give the wrong impression, but you know what I mean.

Long story short, that book came back home with me.

I was a good girl, though. I kept on writing and didn’t touch the book until December. Then, I devoured it.

I had met Alice already when I was reading ‘The Lovely Bones‘. Even then, I was struck by the clearness with which she described the rape in the first chapters. It felt so vivid the way she expertly slipped into Susie’s skin.

When I read the first chapter of ‘Lucky’ it became painfully clear how she could so clearly picture such a scene.

When she was eighteen years old and college student, Alice Sebold experienced on her skin the horrible experience of being raped. Except, unlike so many other girl, she didn’t resolve on keeping silent and move one, maybe even pretending it never happened.

Instead, she decided to fight. She went back to college. She didn’t let that single experience define her.

It took one year before she could identify her assailant – her rapist. Then the trial.

It’s a tale of strength like no other, but also a heartbreaking tale of how her manifest battle, the one she fought in court, was only one side of the much bigger war she was living inside.

It’s a fierce story, the kind that stays with you for as long as you live.


If you want to know more about this book, you can visit its Goodreads page.


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