Character Experimenting

Here’s a bit of an experiment I wrote when playing with characters and stuff. Enjoy.

HelpBot – Programmed to Help


The light was still off, but the sensors perceived the pressure increasing on the bedroom floor just near the bed. Master was awake.

Bill – for this is what the humans called him – turned to Active Mode and glided into the kitchen. In the semi-dark November morning, his white metallic coat might have been very well mistaken for a ghost, minus the cluttering of chains, for this Bot was of the most silent kind – new generation HelpBot, programmed to help.

If anybody ever bothered ask it, Bill would love some colour – blues and reds crossing its surface, yellows and greens filling the whites, orange and purple trimming the edges. Although, no one ever asked it.

The sensors told Bill that Master was now in the bathroom. The mirror sent a picture of him and Bill read his lips asking for scrambled eggs on toast. As the kettle turned on, Bill took the eggs the fridge was already holding out.

The next information it received was that of Master in the shower. It had to wait for him to finish, so that his breakfast wouldn’t go cold in the wait.

The Bot calculated an average of five minutes and 35 seconds to take a quick morning shower. It switched Mode and waited. When the sensors told Bill the shower was finished, the Bot turned off the display of abstract canvas and passed the eggs on to the electric pan.


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